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03 September 2020

ИНТИХОБОТИ ПРЕЗИДЕНТИ ҶУМҲУРИИ ТОҶИКИСТОН-2020: андешаҳо ва воқеияти ҳуқуқӣ. АМИТ «Ховар» назари дастаҷамъонаи олимонро пешниҳод менамояд

ДУШАНБЕ, 02.09.2020. /АМИТ «Ховар»/. Қонун дар ҳар як  ҷомеа ҳамчун афзори ҳамакораи танзими муносиботи иҷтимоӣ эътироф мешавад.

Ҳеҷ овозе нест

Elections: Opinions and Legal Validity

DUSHANBE, 02.09.2020. (NIAT Khovar) – Law in any society is recognized as a universal instrument for regulating social relations. For these reason, any socially significant phenomenon is currently regulated by laws and other regulations. This provision is most actualized at the present time, when the structure of social relations is complex, and their regulation leads to previously unknown, phenomena outside of the realm of existing laws.

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